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How Best Of Contests Energize Local Businesses

Posted by Mark Zimmer on October 4, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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Best of ContestEvery region has its collective favorite local attractions and businesses. These might include diners, parks, landmarks, hotels, historical downtowns, or amusement parks. They could include restaurants; for example, when we know we have family and friends coming to visit us, we'll make reservations at our favorite local eateries so our friends can have a taste.

When new neighbors move into the area we have a list of doctors, dentists, vets, tire shops that we trust and recommend to them. We've all had bad experiences and want to make sure we direct people to the kinds of places where they'll be in good hands. 

One way to recognize and celebrate these great, trusted institutions is through a Best Of nomination and voting contest. Best Ofs are fun, easy, shareable contests where people get the opportunity to make their voices heard by nominating and voting for the businesses who deserve the title "Best Of."

From Joplin, Neosho, Carthage, Webb City, Miami, Pittsburg and all across the Four State area, so many businesses and professionals invest in themselves in order to provide the best possible product or service to customers and to be in a position where they can give back to their communities. We already have a list in our minds that we recommend to friends and family, so this is just a more official way of recognizing these great places.

Starting October 2nd, you will be able to nominate businesses, specialists, and organizations in 50 different categories including food and dining, retail, auto, health, home, and services. When all nominees are received, people will be able to cast their votes. Many businesses encourage their staffs, friends, family, customers, and anyone who comes into their stores to vote because they realize how powerful that title "Best Of" can be. It represents bragging rights for a year.

Once the votes are tallied and voices have been heard, 50 businesses will be crowned and will be seen on the Best of The Four States website year-round to serve as an elite local business directory for the area. 

If you're an owner or a manager, make sure your business is nominated. Here's to the Four State business community, and best of luck!

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