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Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin: How to Own a Daypart or Station

Posted by Kent Huff on November 9, 2017 at 8:00 AM

owning a daypartMusic has always captured emotions, and by using the medium of radio for your advertising needs, you can harness the attention of a captive audience—loyal listeners—who are primed to hear your message.

Some of the basic marketing tactics of knowing your target audience and designing your message around them is just as important to your radio advertising strategy as it is in any other media.

But there are some bonuses that radio can deliver that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • People listen to the radio while they work.
  • People listen to the radio while they drive to and from work.
  • People even listen to the radio while they surf the internet.

If You’re Going To Do Radio, You Want To Do It Right

You want to rule it. You want to “own” it. One way to "own" a station is with a 21 52 advertising plan. You want to own the station, you want to own the airwaves, and you want to own the “Daypart” or section of the day you choose to conquer.

Different stations break their Dayparts into different schedules, but most will have a Morning or AM Drive, A Midday or Workday, an Afternoon or PM Drive, and an Evening.

What Does This Mean To An Advertiser?

Work with your radio marketing consultant to pick which daypart you want to target. How you decide which Daypart to select will depend on when your target customer will be listening. But whichever Daypart you choose, you’ll want to make sure you “don’t spread yourself too thin.” Repetition is key.

You’ll want to keep up a consistent message frequency, building your brand awareness and trust by repeating your message in the same time slot numerous times. Most people have to hear ads several time to connect.

Fortunately, when you choose a drive time or workday-centered slot, you’re reaching customers with incomes to purchase your products or services. And that’s a benefit to you. Detail your benefits for them in short, catchy, memorable radio copy, with music layered behind the words. Your strategy is for them to dispose of some of that income with a valuable purchase made at your store.

Or maybe your strategy is just brand awareness. What you desire as the end result of owning a Daypart is what you should design your message around. Are you having a grand opening? A special event? Moving to a new location? An exclusive sale?

  • For a back to school event, you’d certainly want to target parents during drop off and pick up times for schools.
  • If your product or service caters to office workers, you’ll want to consider middays when they might be sitting at their desks.
  • What if your target is a factory worker? You’ll want to become familiar with shift-changing times. Joplin is a 3 shift town, so keep that in mind.
  • Do you want to catch commuters when they’re heading into work listening to the news? There’s a chance they’ll tell (and invite) a friend to the sale they heard about.
  • Or maybe you want to share your message at the end of a shift or workday, when people are heading home and ready to crank up that radio dial.

There Are 24 Hours In The Day—Radio Is Available For Each One

Radio is the ultimate flexible delivery system. It’s really all about your specific target and when you’ll be able to reach them.

  • Evenings have some of the most loyal listeners.
  • If you’re going after a weekend audience, you’ll probably be able to take advantage of more cost-effective airtime.
  • Packages can be tied to weather forecasts, the news or a specific radio show.
  • If you think your customers would be listening during a particular DJ’s timeslot, buy some ad time.
  • Why not sponsor a contest? You can design your spot around it, building brand awareness and then “giving away” a product as the special grand prize.
  • How about a live broadcast? You’ll have customers coming out to meet their favorite radio personalities.

It’s not just easy to make a mark in radio—it’s also a lot of fun. Try different Dayparts to see which works best for you. Own the airwaves by dominating (and resonating) and using frequency to your advantage. You’ve got the perfect opportunity to have the audience’s ear.

Remember, keep your message simple. Take advantage of the ability to repeat a key phrase and your company’s name at the beginning and end of your radio spot. Phone numbers, locations and specific calls to action can also be noted multiple times. And always mix in some music. Before you know it, your company will come to mind every time the audience hears the first few notes.


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