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7 Reasons You Might Want to Advertise on News Talk Formats

Posted by Brice Chavez on January 18, 2017 at 8:30 AM

iStock-469007763.jpgRadio station programming has changed and evolved over the years, but if there’s one format that has remained steady, it’s the News. A recent Pew Research survey found that when people were asked where they got their news about the presidential election over the past week, 44 percent of them said news radio stations.

News and talk also remains the second most popular radio format among Americans, second only to country. You can see why many businesses realize the benefits of advertising on news talk radio. News talk also allows advertisers to target specific stations that will match their audience. A sports bar & grill, for example, can run advertising on the sports news radio format to target potential new customers.

With that in mind, here are seven reasons to advertise on news talk radio and how your business can reach the right people, on the right station.

1. News Talk Radio Listeners are Highly Involved

News talk radio listeners are some of the most active and involved listeners of any format. Most news talk listeners tune in daily, and average 7.5 hours a week of consuming news talk. In some formats, like political and sports news talk, listeners engage by calling, texting, tweeting, or emailing their opinions to be a part of the conversation. That’s why it’s important to focus on ad frequency and consistency when advertising on news talk. Involved listeners will be exposed to your messaging on a consistent basis, making you top of mind when they do need the product or service you offer.

2. News Talk Radio Listeners are Loyal

One reason people tune into news radio is often because they’re loyal to a specific show or personality. Radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, for example, have been a part of people’s daily routine for years and people continue to tune in. For advertisers, that means taking advantage of loyalty to these personalities with influencer marketing, even for local radio personalities. News talk listeners are loyal to on-air talent and are usually open to trying new products or services they might recommend. In fact, 52 percent of news talk listeners state that their favorite on-air personality influences their opinion. That’s mainly because listeners have been connected to those personalities for years, and have developed a high amount of trust and rapport with them.

3. News Talk Radio Listeners are Expectant

News radio listeners are loyal, and make a habit of listening as a part of their daily routine. They come to know and expect certain types of advertising. In many ways, news radio listeners enjoy colorful or entertaining ads because they break up the monotony of listening to constant talking. Businesses should focus on creating ads that resonate with their target audience, and stand-out in contrast to the “talking” to surprise and entertain. It’s what news talk format listeners have come to expect.

4. News Talk Radio Listeners are Quality

By advertising on news talk formats, you’ll have access to a quality demographic that can likely afford your product or service. News listeners tend to have higher income and are more likely to have a household net worth of over $1 million than other formats. They’re also likely to play golf, own golf clubs, enjoy travel, and have their personal home work done by an outside contractor. These individuals, ones that have been found very likely to spend more than $500 at fine restaurants, are the high-quality demographic that news talk formats give advertisers access to.

5. News Talk Radio Listeners Trust their Stations

News radio listeners rely on their favorite stations and personalities, often as their primary source of information. They trust the station and are highly engaged with the content. If their favorite personality recommends they read an article online or visit a social media profile, news listeners are open to doing so. It’s because the stations have earned listeners trust through years of reliable local, political, or sports coverage. This is especially true in times of emergency or severe weather, where local stations play a key role in telling people what’s going on, where to go, and what places to avoid during these times.

6. News Talk Radio Listeners are Locally and Politically Engaged

Because news talk radio format listeners are of a high-quality demographic, they’re more likely to be engaged in politics and their local community. They’ll do things like contribute to a political campaign or write/call their local or national politician to voice their opinion. Some are even members of local government bodies like the city council. News radio listeners have also been found likely to contribute $500 or more to a personal charity organization.

7. News Radio Listeners are Business Savvy

More than other formats, these listeners are more likely to be involved with investing in corporate or employee funds of some kind. They’re financially astute individuals who are focused on building wealth and financial assets. They’re invested in real estate and their homes, and therefore tend to be personally involved in purchasing engineering and construction services. They also purchase internet and web services for conducting business online. And overall, news talk listeners purchase business-related products and services on a regular basis. Think about things like tax preparation, estate planning, and the like. This business savvy demographic makes nearly every listener a prospect on news talk formats.

By now, the benefits of advertising on news talk radio should be clear to businesses of any shape or size. Their loyalty, engagement, and high-quality status make news talk listeners people that any advertiser would want to build trust and rapport with.

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